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Battle of Worcester cover The Battle of Worcester, 1651   2002
By Tony Spicer

This is a 57 page booklet, incl. 23 b/w maps / illustrations. Glossy full colour cover in card.

The battle of Worcester may truely be called a turning point. In 1651, it marked the end of cruel series of civil wars that had wracked Britian and Ireland. As a military event, the battle is full of interest, both for the wide-sweeping manoeuvres which led upton it, and for the cut and thrust of the combat itself.

This modern analysis of exactly what happened and why gives a sound grasp of the original archives. From the bridge of boats, to the Royalist Artillery and the role of Lambert, it is an excellent battlefield guide. ...

Product Details: 57 pages 20 cm wide x 20 tall   ISBN 9780952148852

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Product details:
     Paperback: 57 pages
Paddy Griffith Associates
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