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Military History

Battle in the Civil War cover Paddy Griffith's Battle in the Civil War: Generalship and Tactics in America 1861-65   Oct 1997
by Paddy Griffith

A structured analysis of all aspects of Civil War combat, making a surprisingly technical and detailed coverage compressed into such a short space (This doubtless explains why it has been used as a set text by several universities). Sub-sections cover the army commander's perspectives in first setting up and then running a battle: the arts of generalship at the level of Corps and Division command; and then a long section on the regiment's battle, including minor tactics, weapons, combat psychology - and the casualties.

'This book represents outstanding value for money, and I strongly urge you to get a copy' - Wargame Review ...

Product Details: 48 pages 27cm wide x 21 tall   ISBN 1 86 9871 00 6

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     Paperback: 48 pages Illustrated by Peter Dennis
Field Books
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20.4 wide x 26.04 tall

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