The History of Wargaming Project

The project aims to make the largest possible collection of wargaming books and rules available to the modern reader. Ranging from second editions of wargaming classics, to professional wargaming rules used by the military and innovations in current wargaming.

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Documenting the Development of Wargaming
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Professional Wargaming

Wargames used by professional/ military gamers

   The Theory of Professional Wargaming

Perla Art of Wargaming cover Peter Perla's Art of Wargaming book: A guide for professionals and hobbyists  Second edition 1 Feb 2012
by Peter Perla
Edited by John Curr


   Current Practise/ Innovations in Professional Wargaming

Dark Places cover Dark Places:Professional Wargaming of Dark Themes   12 April 2024
by John Curry


   Current Practise/ Innovations in Professional Wargaming

Matrix Games cover Advanced Matrix Games for Professional Wargaming  9 October 2023
by John Curry, Tom Mouat and Tim Price

Handbook Cyber Wargames cover The Handbook of Cyber Wargames: Wargaming the 21st Century
1 April 2020

by John Curry and Nick Drage


Professional Wargames Book Handbook cover Successful Professional Wargames: A Practitioner's Handbook
12 Nov 2019

by Graham Longley Brown: Edited by John Curry


Stress of Battle cover David Rowland's The Stress of Battle: Quantifying Human Performance in Battle for Historical Analysis and Wargaming
8 Oct 2019

By David Roland: Edited by John Curry


Matrix Games Handbook cover The Matrix Game Handbook: Professional Applications from Education to Analysis and Wargaming
2 July 2018

Edited by John Curry Chris Engle and Peter Perla


Confrontation Analysis Handbook cover The Confrontation Analysis Handbook: How to Resolve Confrontations by Eliminating Dilemmas
Innovations in Wargaming Volume 3   3 July 2017

John Curry and Mike Young


crisis Scenarios Matrix Games cover Modern Crises Scenarios for Matrix Wargames   5 July 2017

John Curry and Tim Price


Sandhurst Kriegsspiel cover Sandhurst Kriegsspiel: Wargaming for the Modern Infantry Officer
Training for War: Volume 1  16 October 2016

John Curry and Tim Price MBE


   The Development of Professional Wargaming including examples of professional rules

  For historical examples of British Army COIN games see: Paddy Griffith's Counter Insurgency Wargames link

  For examples of seminar games. TEWTS and two anti terrorists games see Curry J. (2012) Innovations in Wargaming Vol. 1 Developments in Professional and Hobby Wargames link

wargaming during WWII cover Wargames from World War II: Examples of Axis and Allied Wargaming Rules and Umpire Guidelines   19 December 2023

By John Curry

Edited by John Curry


Venture Simulations cover Venture Simulation in War, Business, and Politics: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Wargaming 1939-1970  6 April 2023

By Alfred H. Hausrath

Edited by John Curry


Ambush cover Ambush: Blockbuster Wargame (1984): American Army Wargaming Rules for Military Operations in Urbanised Terrain   18 March 2023

Edited by John Curry and David Burden


Ambush cover Ambush: Wargaming Convoy Protection in the Cold War (1980)  2 September 2021

John Curry, R.J. Gallagher and S.C. Keeton


Pentagon rural COIN cover The Pentagon's Rural AGILE/COIN Wargame (1966): A wargamning counter insurgency megagame Level  May 2019

Editors: John Armatys and John Curr


Pentagon Urban COIN cover Pentagon Urban COIN Wargame (1966): A wargamning counter insurgency megagame Level  July 2018

Edited by John Curr


First Battle cover First Battlespan: American Army Divisonal Level Wargaming in the Cold War (1979)  11 May 2015

Edited by John Curr


Contact! cover Contact! The Canadian Army Tactical Training Wargame 1980  4 June 2011
by Captain Donnelly
Edited by John Curry


British Army 1956 Wargame Cover BAOR Operational Wargaming 1950-1960: The British Army Tactical Wargame (1956)   8 May 2020
by John Curry and Peter Perla


British Army Desert Wargame cover The British Army Desert War Game: MOD Wargaming Rules (1978)  6 June 2012
by John Curry


Dunn Kempf Wargame cover Dunn Kempf American Army Training War Game Rules 1977-1997   11 April 2011
by Captain Kemp and Captain Kempf
Edited by John Curry


Staff College Exercises cover Army Wargames Two Centuries of Staff College Exercises  24 May 2016 Second edition
by John Curry


Tacspiel Wargame Rules cover Tacspiel - The American Army's Wargaming Rules for Vietnam  11 April 2011
by John Curry


Thomas Allen War Games cover Thomas Allen's War Games Professional Wargaming 1945-1985   4 July 2015 Third Edition
by Thomas Allen
Edited by John Curry


Andrew Wilson Computer and Bomb cover Andrew Wilson's The Bomb and the Computer The History of Professional Wargaming 1780- 1968   4 March 2014
by Andrew Wilson
Edited by John Curry


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