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Military History

Colonial warfare India cover

Victorian Colonial Warfare

Nov 1 2020
by Donald Featherstone
Editor: John Curry

The rich and exotic sub-continent of India - the jewel in Britain's Imperial Crown - fascinated Victorian England. A handful of the nineteenth century's greatest adventurers made their names and fortunes there, while thousands at home avidly read the first-hand accounts reproduced in the pages of this book, describing the battles and gruelling campaigns which secured Britain's busy but relatively short tenure of the continent.

From the conquest of Sind in 1843, when Sir Charles Napier defeated the Baluchi army and annexed the kingdom, to the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58 that outraged world opinion, Donald Featherstone has constructed a revealing account of the British Empire's most complex and fascinating period.

The text is illustrated with 100 engravings, taken from magazines and news-papers of the time, and with its many contemporary quotations Victorian Colonial Warfare - India endows the reader with a real feel for the age.

 Donald Featherstone was an acknowledged expert on colonial warfare and wargaming. This book, largely written from original sources, was published as a source book for wargames focussed on the colonial era of the British Empire in India

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The History of Wargaming Project
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