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Military History

Means to Heal cover

Means to Heal

Memorials to the Vietnam War Across America

19 April 2020
by Mike F. Walsh
Editor: John Curry

Michael F. Walsh is a Vietnam veteran who served on the Mekong River. When he returned from the war, he tried to put it behind him and move on with his life. In 2009, he set out on a journey to visit Vietnam War memorials in all fifty American states. This book includes many of these memorials and his reflections upon them.

This book includes over 240 color photographs of some of the most iconic war memorials he encountered around the USA. All fifty states are represented within these pages. Some of the stories around these memorials have a twist of humor, some are thoughtful, and some are sad, but collectively they make a statement.

One version of history is that a large majority of citizens viewed those who returned from the war as less than noble; the accepted story is that many felt that the soldiers, sailors and airmen should have refused to serve their country in what they, the vocal minority, defined to be an unjust war. This book challenges that view.

The memorials were the result of uncounted numbers of people who conceived, planned, and built them. Untold more raised funds, publicized and now constantly care for these tributes in grateful thanks for the services of those who returned and in memory of those who did not. The only way for the sheer number of memorials to have been built and maintained is if the American people support their veterans and their memory. These unassuming memorials demonstrate the esteem they hold for all those who served their country.

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The History of Wargaming Project
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