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British Army War Game Rules cover

BAOR Operational Wargaming 1950-1960: The British Army Tactical Wargame (1956) 4th edition

 8 May 2020

Edited by John Curry and Peter Perla
These wargaming rules were restricted until recently, when they were released into the National Archives. They include operational set of rules for fighting large battles 1945 - 1970. They can be played with card counters on standard 1: 50:000 Ordinance Survey Maps. The book includes rules for tactical nuclear weapon strikes  Based on current military experience of World War II and the Korean War Detailed tables on hard to find information such as:  for tactical movement; casualties, engagement lengths, etc.;  battle planning times ; engineering tasks  night battles; effects of tactical nuclear weapons.

This version includes: Proposed updates to the rules to help modern wargamers play the game on a single table top and the 1952 British Army ORBAT/  introduction to the strategic situation
at the time.

The rules are available for purchase via online book stores such as Amazon.
Product details:
     Paperback: 62 pages
History of Wargaming    Project
     Dimensions (cm):
20.98 wide x 29.69 tall   

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