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Recreational Wargaming...Asquith, Grant and Wise

Charles Grant Wargaming Campaigns Wargaming Campaigns by CS Grant 1995
by Charles S Grant
This book provides all you need to know to set up and run your own wargaming campaign in any period, real or fictitious. The book is useful to beginner and the seasoned wargamers.

The book provides basic ‘do it yourself’ detail on constructing maps, rules for movement, armies, structures, playing mechanisms and record keeping.

There are chapters on characterization and personalities, casualties and hospitals, prisoners, recruiting, weather, rivers, boats and bridges, politics and finance. The book is packed with scenarios, setting and other ideas.

Postal campaigns, orders and communication, sea and air campaigns. Random events, technology, board games and sieges and more are covered in this book.

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Product details:     
154 pages
CS Grant
     Dimensions (cm):
14.5 wide x 23.5 tall


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