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Recreational Wargaming...Tank Battles Series

Scenarios for All Ages cover Donald Featherstone’s and Keith Robinson's Battles with Model Tanks Wargaming 1914-1975  04 June 2011
by Donald Featherstone and Keith Robinson
Edited by John Curry 

The scope of wargaming is almost boundless. Wargamers can create simulations of the simplest encounter or the grandest strategy. Armoured warfare in miniature has a special appeal. The model tank wargamer can take advantage of the superb range of miniature model tanks available and the many books detailing modern weaponry to recreate this style of fighting that was born on the Somme in 1916 and came of age in 1940. Perfect scale models and accurate rules combine to produce an almost faultless simulation of tank warfare - all that is missing is the clatter of tracks, the roar of engines and the crump of shell fire. This book lays the complete groundwork on the subject. It explains how to use the many different armoured fighting vehicles, their guns, calibre, missile weight, range, angle of impact, thickness of armour; and does the same for anti-tank weapons. It provides essential information on communications, mines, infantry co-operation, aircraft and armoured operations, and battlefields; it also provides practical information on how to assemble armoured forces in miniature and table-top terrains over which they can battle.

The authors are well known veteran wargamers. Donald Featherstone served with the Royal Tank Regiment in North Africa and Italy during World War II; his associate, Keith Robinson, is an adviser to one of the main manufacturers of model fighting vehicles for wargamers.

Together they have clearly and simply brought this modern style of warfare to the table-top battlefield and provide technical and tactical advice against a fascinating background of wargaming narrative with ten historical scenarios spanning the lifetime of the tank, from an armoured car action in 1914 to the Middle East conflicts of recent history.

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129 pages
History of Wargaming Project
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