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Recreational Wargaming...Donald Featherstone

Featherstone Wargames Through Ages cover Donald Featherstone’s Wargames Through the Ages Volume 3: A Wargaming Guide to 1792 to 1859   6 August 2018
by Donald Featherstone
Foreword by Paul Le Long, Solo Wargamers Association
Edited by John Curry

Wargames through the Ages was first published to fill a gap in literature of the hobby of wargaming. It was a one volume summary of what was loosely called the Napoleonic period and beyond.

Each chapter assesses the techniques and fighting methods of the opposing forces and indeed, the battle descriptions are often sufficiently colourful to inspire reconstruction. In discussing how this can best be simulated on a table-top battlefield the author gives comprehensive information as to contemporary styles of warfare which provides a basis for the formulation of rules. Thus, the role of the book is to suggest rudimentary ideas that will stimulate the reader into experimenting until he has perfected and polished them into soundly constructed rules that suit both his temperament and his personal conception of warfare.

The period under review is extensive, and beginning with The French Revolutionary wars, it carries the reader through the Napoleonic Wars, then onto later conflicts with the Mexican War 1846-48, the Crimean War 1854-1855 and the Austrian/ French Wars of 1859.

The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of ongoing work to document the development of wargaming.


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