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The project aims to make the largest possible collection of wargaming books and rules available to the modern reader. Ranging from second editions of wargaming classics, to professional wargaming rules used by the military and innovations in current wargaming.

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Early Wargames Vol 5 cover The Discovering Wargames Series and Bill Lamming’s Medieval Campaign Rules: Early Wargaming Rules Volume 5  6 July 2015
by John Curry, Arthur Taylor, John Tunstill & Bill Lamming

John Tunstill, Arthur Taylor and Bill Lamming were some of the early wargamers who through their enthusiasm, knowledge and writing helped turn miniature wargaming into a worldwide hobby. 

 This work includes three books:

John Tunstill’s Discovering Wargames- published by Shire Books.

Arthur Taylor’s Rules for Wargaming - published by Shire Books.

Bill Lamming’s tremendously popular Medieval Campaign and Battle Rules.

Between these authors, they wrote a large range of wargaming rules, from ancient to WW1 Air warfare. Tunstill’s work was an introduction to the hobby and the rules were introduced period by period throughout the whole book. Taylor assumed the reader was already familiar with wargaming and so included no less than 8 sets of rules in just 68 pages. The Lamming campaign rules were ahead of their time and allowed the creation of a medieval world to run detailed wargaming campaigns. 

All three of these works were widely read in the early 1970’s, but now the originals are starting to disintegrate and a new publication is needed to preserve these key works.

The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to make key developments in wargaming readily available to a modern audience.
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