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DBA 2.2 cover Phil Barker's Introduction to Ancient Wargaming and WRG 6th Edition Ancient Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD  Paperback 09 April 2011
by Phil Barker
Edited by John Curry
The WRG Ancients rule series were both the first rule books professionally printed and the first universal rule set. They went through 7 editions and were the standard ancient wargames rules from 1969 until replaced by DBM in 1993. This edition includes the classic Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming This reprint includes the classic Introduction to ancient warfare The Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming by Phil Barker. Advice on tactics Guide to sources How ancient wargaming began Sample army lists The complete WRG 6th edition rules for simulating every aspect of ancient and medieval warfare, from the battlefield to full scale sieges and shipboard fighting.
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147 pages
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21.59 wide x 27.94 tall

  Supporting Materials for ~WRG 6th Edition Ancients

Why Play the 6th Edition?

Amendments to WRG 6th Edition suggested by Uwe Urbitsch, Germany.

Original playsheet side 1

Original playsheet side 2

Pdf of playsheets for this edition

WRG 6th Edition Army Lists Not yet added - by Steve Bruce took considerable effort assembling the army lists. I asked him what inspired him and he replied, 'Just the sheer pleasure recently playing the WRG 6th games has given to my two boys. It kind of rekindled my enthusiasm for ancients seeing it again through their eyes, and made me remember what an enormous amount of fun my friends and I had at our old gaming - club building the armies and playing tournaments and campaigns back in the 80's. Back then doing something like these lists would have been a huge effort. Not quite so much effort now with computers, scanners, text bridges and find and replace programs. Since i've always studied ancient history, the additional lists were easy enough to come up with, but they are only my interpretation, many other interpretations are possible. And, I've only covered lists we can actually field armies for, so there are a fair few still missing.'

Suppliment to 2nd edition WRG ancient rules to convert them for medieval use

WRG official Army Lists

  Book One- 3000BC-75AD Book 1 .pdf

  Book Two- 55BC- 1000AD Book 2.pdf

  Book Three- Armies Originating After 100AD Book 3.pdf

  Official WRG amendments to 7th Edition Ancient Rules Oct 1988 to July 1991 Amendments.pdf

  (c) Phil Barker (2016); this scanned version John Curry (2016)

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