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Kearton''s Alamo in Miniature book cover George Kearton’s The Alamo in Miniature A Guide for Toy Soldier Collectors and Alamo Enthusiasts   17 May 2014
by George Kearton
Edited by John Curry

The Alamo in Miniature explores the whole range of Alamo figures, buildings and accessories made for play, collecting and wargaming.

George Kearton has been collecting toy and model soldiers since 1955 and his fascination with the Alamo dates back to the early 1960’s.

The book also gives overviews of the Alamo, the Texas Revolution and its aftermath and includes details of over 30 other Alamo books, many Alamo boardgames, the most recent 'Alamo' films and their soundtrack music.

Items by nearly 100 makers worldwide are listed and the book includes photographs of over 50 items from the author’s own collection.

He is the author of The Collectors Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers, 1947- 1987 which is still the only comprehensive single-volume history of plastic toy soldiers. This iconic work was republished by John Curry in 2012 as part of The History of Wargaming Project. ...

Product Details: 68 pages full colour 21.59 wide x 27.94 tall  ISBN 9781291830576

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Product details:
     Paperback: 68 pages
History of Wargaming Project
21.59cm wide x 27.94cm tall

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