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Kearton''s Guide to Toy Soldiers George Kearton's The Collectors Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers 1947-1987 Revised Edition   16 October 2012
by George Kearton
Edited by John Curry

The Collector's Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers, 1947-87 was the first-ever book to illustrate the tremendous range and scope of plastic toy soldiers from across the World. Published in 1987 in a limited edition of just 1,000 signed copies it sold out very quickly and, since then, has become a 'Holy Grail' publication for collectors. Twenty five years later it remains the only single-volume study of plastic toy soldiers from 'The Golden Age' . This newly-scanned reprint includes the whole of the original book; an article by George Kearton written for 'Plastic Warrior' magazine several years ago, a new introduction by him and an extract from 'Old Toy Soldier Newsletter' with details of his Toy Soldier Museum in Lancashire which was open from 1983 to 1986. Also included is: early example of George Kearton's mail order listings, reminiscences of collecting plastic toy soldiers before the Internet and toy soldier shows specially written by Peter Cole, co-founder toy soldier makers 'Replicants'....

Product Details: 122 pages 21.59 wide x 27.94 tall  ISBN 9781291085532
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Product details:
     Paperback: 82 pages black and white interior
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21.59cm wide x 27.94cm tall

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